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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
So a guest blogger over at Bitch PhD just recommended freezing pancakes for quick meals for little kids. The very thought of microwaved frozen pancakes actually made me a bit nauseous; I don't like pancakes but I don't usually feel ill at the thought of them. Thanks for the imagery, guest blogger. Grr.

I visited the coffee shop at University Hall (UIC's tallest building) today, hoping for a new perspective on the ideas I'm trying to wrap my head around. I had limited success, and spent more time gazing down at the plaza that I think is now complete on the west side of the building. I concede that it's better than it was, an ocean of concrete in a concentric-circle pattern with a random rusty "sculpture" parked in the middle. (I wonder what happened to that sculpture? There's another one south of SEL; one day it was lying on its side and it didn't seem to matter) A bit of hunting tells the story of the new plaza: The artist, Vito Acconci, designed the plaza with walkways of concrete that radiate out from the entrance in a shadow pattern. It would have sitting areas, berms and rises, and shallow reflective pools to mirror the building. Stainless steel screens that reach the second floor would be covered in vines, "waterfalls of greenery", that retain their leaves all year. The entire plaza should be considered one work of art, according to one university trustee.

Now, granted, I'm not 100% sure the project is done, but there's no current work being done that I can see. I have my camera with me today. I'm going back for pictures.

There's a small picture of the concept art here - it appears that the plantings are not yet complete and are integral to the design.

(and speaking of pancakes and urping, I need to find an MP3 of this, or locate the tape if I haven't already thrown it out: REM ordering breakfast at Denny's at 3AM)


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