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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Fall is in the air
Two straight days of rain, followed by a warmish overcast day where I noticed the very first hints of yellow on the basswood trees on campus. Fall always fills me with a deep sense of relief, like I can finally rest and stop thinking about what fun event I should be taking advantage of, or which blooming flower or rare butterfly I should be capturing on film before it's gone, or whether my tan is really as good as it could be. The days shorten, the weather cools, and my thoughts turn inward, to house and family and self. Plus, my birthday is coming :)

In other news: had to take Libby to the emergency room last night. Apparently the 7 days of metronidazole weren't enough, since the morning after they finished the pills Libby barfed and Jazzy had the Big D. Then last night Libby was in some unidentified stress, probably because of her stomach, and was panting hard and wheezing, refusing even a cracker. It kept getting worse until we freaked out and took her to the vet. Turns out that 1) yes, she needs more medication (as does Jazz), and 2) she has laryngeal paralysis, a condition that weakens the muscles that pull back the vocal cords, causing her to wheeze and have trouble breathing when she's stressed. This has been getting worse all summer so I'm very glad we have it diagnosed now. We're treating with sedatives rather than surgery, and the stomach thing we'll continue to manage as we have been. It was a very expensive night :/ but at least we know now that she doesn't have an airway-blocking tumor, or worse. Mark will bring Libby home today; if I remember right, he brought her home from her previous stay at the ER, too. I am missing out, but I also tend to get a bit emotional there so maybe it's just as well.

It's been a rough summer for the doggies, and for us. Another reason to be glad it's almost behind us.


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