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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Extreme excitement in blogland!
I not only have a flickr account now, but I made a flickr badge (see sidebar). How cute is that?!

At Jewel this evening: a woman with a canary in a cage in her shopping cart. I guess it's good to take the pets out for an airing once in a while.

On the El: a man compulsively wrapping a rubber band around his bandaged thumb. The bandaid was held on with a bit of duct tape; I think the rubber band started out as extra staying power, then evolved into full-on OCD. I could barely take my eyes off it.

I really wanted to stay up to find out how the Cubs/Astros game ends, but it's the 13th inning and I'm sleepy. I'm sure the Cubs will find some creative way to lose. Was that cynical?

In other news: I may have my fourth committee member. I'm feeling slightly less frazzled but still a long way from cool and steady.

The book in my backpack: John Irving - The Cider House Rules
The book on my nightstand: The Blue Corn Murders (I don't know... my grandma loaned it to me)
I've been watching: Strangers with Candy season 1, and Buffy season 1

This game will never end. Bed. Now.


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