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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
I did a 12-sample DNA extraction yesterday, ran it out on a gel today... and ALL TWELVE WORKED. Woo!! I am the World's Greatest Evolutionary Biologist!!

Also: some PCRs are working well, and the ones that are not...well, we're just not talking about those. Somebody else's problem (with that somebody being myself in a few days, poor sucker). I'm trying to figure out how to use trnC/D on my species - trnC/D bands come out at around 800 bp, while trnC/petN2 comes out at 1000. Figure that one out!! Tomorrow I go sampling at a nifty place but am reluctant to mention where just yet. Potentially publishable cageyness, in case some academic competition stumbles across this. Annoying but true! Thursday I may also get some samples, but more importantly I'll get some information. I'm slowly putting together an interesting story, one geographic location at a time, and tracking down the people who know the pieces is a big but entertaining job.

Got my TA assignment for the fall - I'll be doing Homeostasis with a P(rofessor)TBNL. Not that I have a burning desire to teach that subject, but it fits my schedule and apparently you have to bribe someone (or worse!) to get a genetics class around here. On the plus side, I'll finally learn some plant phys. On the minus side, endocrine systems! Ugh!!!


Blogger Semavi Lady said...

Glad to read of the success! Waiting for more news of breakthroughs from you. Imagine discovering why some of the trees are able to make BEECHnut gum and not the others! You do have to keep your sources of the materials hush.

Definitely study that endocrinology to get to the bottom of this sticky subject.

11:42 AM  

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