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Thursday, June 22, 2006
more yawn
Two times up and out with dogs last night. The second time, I tried to enjoy the mild weather while sitting on the back porch, then realized that small somethings were hitting my skin. Flying ants!!!! ARGH!! Dozens went in the house with me, on the dogs and in my hair. I spent some quality time dancing around beating at my head and clothes but there were always more. They liked the kitchen lights so we left the light over the sink on, hoping to keep them from wandering the house, and in the morning there were several dead in the sink. Oh how I hate flying ants. I'm glad they only last a day or so. Have never had them swarm into my hair before, though :(

Looked up "flying ants" on Google and the top ad hit said "Flying Ants. Find anything on eBay!"

Have to go in today to redo my sequencing gel from yesterday. It seemed to somehow polymerize too fast and I'm not sure why.

Also: some scary guy in the bathroom at SEL actually *put a camera under the stall wall and took a picture of a girl*. This happened either right before or right after I'd been in there. I'm completely furious, both at this guy and perverts in general, but also at UIC and its horrible, horrible security presence and leaky buildings filled with shadowy, deserted nooks and crannies. And also at myself, for even as I write this the whole situation makes me tired and I don't want to fight about it. I can just use the restroom at the student center and huddle in my lab with the door locked. As for going in on weekends... well, that's not going to happen for a while. What has to happen for someone to actually notice that the lab buildings need protection? A rape? A murder? We get crime alert emails if someone gets robbed on Taylor Street, which is not even part of campus. Was there a crime alert that there's a nutjob in SEL with a camera? Of course not.


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