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Monday, May 01, 2006
Stumbled across an article on Transcendental Liouvillian Functions. I was tempted to read it but I know that theoretical math just makes me cry.

For lunch today: granola bar and a 20-oz Mt Dew. SO sleepy! For breakfast: cake :)

Attempted to convince the nice furnace guy that our furnace makes a horrible banging sound that echoes throughout the house every time it kicks on. Of course, while he was in the house, the furnace was on its best behavior. I just *love* when repair guys assume I'm insane.

My semester is done, except I have to give the final exam to the undergrads. Read a comic at PhD comics where the TA is about to hand out the final, looks it over, and says "Wait, are you sure this is an undergrad class? Even I can't answer these questions!" Then he chuckles evilly to himself and hands it out. :)

Today: catching up on some reading, cleaning my desk, putting away the semester's materials. The rest of the week: beginning my summer. Just wish I weren't so freaking *sleepy* ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzz...


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