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Friday, May 26, 2006
1) Last Friday evening we saw a deer walking down our alley. Not far behind it was a dork on a cell phone going "Dude, there's a deer in the alley! Here, deer! Here, deer!" Shockingly, the deer did not come when it was called.

2) Walking home from the El yesterday, I passed two cheerful black men. One said something like "Happy Asian Week!" and tried to hand me something. "Go ahead, it's free!" he said. He looked so happy and harmless so I held out my hand and he dropped a tiny plastic bag containing an American flag rubber bracelet. "Thanks...?" I said. "You know it's free or I wouldn't (something that I didn't catch)." I nodded and smiled and continued on. Inside the bracelet it says "Made in China". I guess that's the Asian tie-in.

3) Saw a guy driving a very expensive-looking BMW on Canal St. yesterday. His license plate said "WMD". So that's where the weapons went!


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