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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Last week of the semester. Am dying. Am dead. *thud*

Paper sucks and has no point. I ran Endnote last night to total up how many sources my *review paper* had used: 14. 14!!!!! wtf happened to the weeks of research and notes I did?!?!

Presentation has not been started and is due Thursday. What? Today is Tuesday? Holy crap.

Have to lead dicussion in class tomorrow and papers are incomprehensible. On the plus side: encouraging class's good will with donuts.

Must write questions for final exam in TA class, and do review session immediately after presentation, for which I will be entirely unprepared.

And... no clue what I'm doing this summer, no time to figure it out.

Pondering quitting again. A 9-5 job sounds awfully damned sweet right now.

Now... shower and get back to work, you lazy slacker.


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