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Monday, March 13, 2006
1) Today I went to the Kinko's in my old work neighborhood to Fedex something. Standard procedure around there is to cut through the alley behind the dry cleaner's to save a few steps. Unfortunately, today that resulted in me walking past a man facing the brick wall between two dumpsters, peeing. Okay, really not all that unusual, except he wasn't homeless; he was a member of a Streets and San crew parked across the street. I wasn't sure if I should be furious or grossed out, so I just glared at them all and walked on. I considered reporting him to someone but playing out that phone conversation in my head... well, it's just not worth it.

2) Creepy pale young man with wispy hair and round glasses, a German philosophy student-type, kept peering at me on the L and choking back laughter. WTF??? He also was the recipient of a glare. My glare muscles got a good workout today.

3) Really really not looking forward to tomorrow's review session. No, I cannot explain the subtleties of lambda vs. r again. Go away.

4) The reason for the above Fedex is that the paper from he** that I coauthored back when I was still at IGPA finally got accepted for publication. So, my first official published paper is in a field I'm not even a part of anymore, and there is no point in putting it on my CV because it is apropos of nothing. Sigh.


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