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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
If I have to sleep, it might as well be interesting.
Last night's dream: Was driving north on State St. on the Far South Side of some fictional rendering of Chicago with a friend from school. He was telling me that he'd bought a house down there, and I could see it if I looked east along 149th St. I did look east, and saw a remarkable neighborhood that looked like the remains of a late-19th century mining town in a narrow valley between two mountain ranges. The mountains were not very high and were stained with iron or other minerals, and looked very much like something from the Badlands. I was intrigued to discover actual mountains in Chicago and wondered why nobody seemed to know about this. Then I went down 149th St. a bit and found little farms and isolated houses along with only the fronts of whole rows of Victorian houses, like a movie set. It was really fascinating and I was a bit envious that I didn't live in such a cool place, too, a neighborhood of lush green fields and preserved history, forgotten in the midst of a dense and modern city.


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