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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Early birthday present
As in, 6 months early. We scored tickets to the Sept. 17 Cubs-Reds game, in row B. As in the second row away from the field. We'll be so close to left-handed hitters, we'll feel the wind from their bats as they strike out. (Oh, wait, I forgot, we traded Patterson already.) Look for us; we'll be on TV! Must remind myself not to do anything embarrassing.

Having a very busy week, which is okay, but today a huge PCR completely failed on me and I was so discouraged. If I had reason to believe that my lab stuff is going to get better, I wouldn't be so miserable. But, I don't. I'll keep going in on weekends and trying again, and maybe someday something will work. I'm really terrible at getting things done when my attention is divided between many equally crucial things - classes, teaching, lab, reading up on project-related research. Am I also studying for prelims? Are you *kidding*???? HAHAHAHAH no. Well, indirectly, I suppose I always am.

Had a shamrock shake today for the first time in maybe 15 or 20 years. You know what? They're not as good as I remember. Mostly, I think, because McDonald's shakes just aren't that good in general. I've grown used to good shakes (hello, Golden Nugget!) with, you know, milk and ice cream in them, and now I'm spoiled.

Now must prepare a 20-minute presentation in about 3 hours. Sigh.


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