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Sunday, February 26, 2006
Road trip
I woke up Saturday morning with an overpowering urge to go somewhere, so we took a road trip to Utica to see the bald eagles at Starved Rock State Park. I hadn't been to SR since high school, which is silly because it's so close (under two hours) and really nice. Much of the park is on bluffs overlooking the Illinois River, and it has several canyons and waterfalls. We did see eagles, too, though I think their season in IL is ending and they're migrating back north. We watched them perch regally (the wind ruffles their feathers and ruins the regal effect :)) and do a bit of fishing near the dam. Also saw blue herons nesting. Didn't get any pics of eagles, unfortunately - too far away.

Just now I did a google search for "b-goddess" to see if anyone else is using it - I'm very pleased to have a nickname that is entirely my own and would be very grumpy if someone else picked it up! "Lorelei", for instance - how many Loreleis are there in the world? But it appears that my name remains mine so far. Was amused though by the occasional link to my "what is a bint" page, and the various search engines that pick me up in their topical searches. Also found a search engine that picked up one of my few Voyager fanfics - it was searching on "gods" and "grass" for some reason. I reread the story for the first time in years. It's not terrible, I think. It made me kind of miss my old fandom, just for a moment.


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