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Friday, February 10, 2006
Could I *be* any more obvious?
Had a dream last night that I somehow decided to collect plants in central South America, then cursed my decision as the logistics became horribly, shockingly real. I had a geophysical globe with the route traced in orange from Chicago to something like western Argentina, and I needed to collect soon, but I just couldn't imagine how such a thing could be accomplished. Should I drive? Should I fly? How long will it take, and how much is it going to cost? My husband shook his head and said "You'd better just get in the car and go," and I started to think of all the things I wasn't ready for, like how do I cross the borders? do I have permits? what am I even collecting? do I have batteries for the camera? I guess part of my trip was also to include a visit to a Darwin Shrine in the Andes, and I saw myself there in a forest clearing full of hippies and campers, everyone leaving flowers or gazing fondly at a white shape that apparently was the shrine. The white shape was actually a giant version of the crazy humidifier I saw online yesterday. It all comes full-circle.

Hmm, anxiety about projects and collecting? Go figure.


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