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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Communication breakdown
Me: A number 8, please.
Sullen Wendy's Employee: What kind of sauce?
Me: Buffalo ranch.
SWE: [blank look]
Me: [squinting uncertainly at menu] Buffalo ranch?
SWE: We don't have that kind.
Me: But it's on the menu! Right there - it says New! spicy buffalo ranch!
SWE: [stares at the menu for a good ten seconds] We don't have buffalo ranch. [Walks to rack of sauces. Takes white sauce and waves it at me] We just have regular ranch.
Me: Okay, fine, what *do* you have?
SWE: Spicy buffalo, honey mustard, ranch, blah blah blah.
Me: [amazed that the keyword "buffalo" has entirely failed to ring any bells with SWE] I'll take the spicy buffalo.
Me: [Five minutes later, opens bag, enjoys chicken strips with container of clearly labeled Spicy Buffalo Ranch sauce]


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