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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
My good deed for the day
I ran errands this morning before heading to the lab. Christmas cards at Border's, money at bank, holiday stamps at post office - lots of brisk walking in bitter cold weather. As I walked from the post office to the Starbucks on Adams, I encountered an older woman, nicely dressed, crying. "Can you help me?" she asked. Sure, I said, and suddenly found myself the recipient of more gratitude and prayers, yes, literally *prayers*, than I've ever had in my life. Her story, and I did believe her (some people invent elaborate stories instead of just saying "Please give me money"), was that she came to town to do volunteer work for a veterans' organization, but apparently it had moved, and when she parked her car to go walk around and look for it, her car got towed. She was clutching a map with notes written in pen on Lake Michigan - where the auto pound is, how much to free her car ($150, cash only), where the Greyhound station is, and how much to get back to Rockford. The poor woman was so distraught, didn't have enough cash to bail out her car, and just wanted to go home, but didn't have enough for the bus ticket. The fact that I not only would talk to her and offer help and kind words, but was also a fellow Rockfordian, seemed to convince her that God was smiling on her for a change. I gave her some money to get home, and refused her offer to repay it. I felt so bad for her, being lost and confused with no one to turn to, and hopefully she got home okay. I hope when I run into trouble, someone will do the same for me. Karma, just like Earl says.


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