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Thursday, December 01, 2005
If I were a Sim...
Neatness 6
Outgoing 4
Active 6
Playful 8
Nice 7
Total: 31 (shouldn't this be out of 25, though? What do they think I am, a Legacy heir?)

I've been sick this week. It kind of sucks, esp. when the sinus headache morphed into a migraine but I still had to go to class and be conscious and helpful. Review session is tomorrow, and then I'm done done done for the semester!!!! Also, the stork is bringing me my new laptop tomorrow. Ahead is a fun weekend of exploring its capabilities, watching DVDs just because I can, and deleting all of the preinstalled craplets. The laptop is arriving from Shanghai via Anchorage, which I find exceedingly charming. My computer is better-traveled than I am!


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