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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Professional pride
I went to Testing Services today to get the scantron forms for the exam we're giving on Thursday. I told the guy in his little rabbit warren of a room that I needed scantrons, and while he busied himself with collecting the forms and such, he gently reprimanded me for using the word "scantron". "They're actually just called answer sheets," he said. "Scantron is a brand name for a kind of form that we don't use here. It won't even work on our equipment." He seemed to be sort of half-joking, so I smiled and said, "Well, when you grow up in the 80s, you get used to calling them scantrons." He got all serious and told me that they never used scantrons at UIC, even in the 80s. I wisely let it go after that. I should have asked him if he had a kleenex. "Actually, they're called facial tissues. We only use Scot brand, which is incompatible with Kleenex-brand facial tissue dispensers." What-EVER!

Review session for second exam went fairly well. I gave them candy since it was Halloween.


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