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Monday, October 24, 2005
It's a tough job, but...
I'm on a mission: To acquire 15 Hershey candy bar wrappers by the end of the month, so I can send in for a free t-shirt. I hadn't realized just how much work it is, eating 15 candy bars (to those who suggest I could just buy them, unwrap them, and store them for later, I just roll my eyes). I think I have around 10 now, with a couple more uneaten in the drawer. On the plus side, I've tried some new varieties, though I can't say I understand why the S'Mores bar has to have "graham cracker bits" embedded in what looks like old peanut butter, instead of, you know, actual graham cracker. On the minus side, I found mealy worms in a Symphony bar and was mildly grossed out. I shipped it off to the mother ship this morning with a polite note. Funny, Hershey's does not publish an address for customer service. It's by phone or you're SOL. I sent it to corporate HQ and I'm sure my worm-ridden bar will find its proper home.

Have been too busy or stressy lately to update. I'm applying, maybe, for an NSF fellowship, which is scary and I keep putting it off. We are giving an exam in History of Life next week for which I am completely unprepared, and I'd better turn it around before the review session. Jazz came home from the kennel with an injury, and he fell and reinjured it, so we've been carrying him up and down stairs and dosing him with antibiotics; Libby had what might have been a flare-up of the pancreatitis, and I had to endure her resentful, hungry glares all weekend. I *hate* when the dogs are sick :(

Ended up playing Sims most of the weekend because I was too aggravated to think about anything work-related. So now I'm panicking as deadlines loom. I kind of wish I had those two days back...

Oh, and we went to Curacao for a week. I have pictures but haven't put them together yet. My sunburn is almost done peeling.


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