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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Have been addicted to news sites for the past week and a half, reading about hurricane recovery efforts and new horrors being unearthed every day and bitter words from pretty much everybody in the country towards an emergency response at all levels of government that demonstrated quite clearly that after four years of "Homeland Security" and hundreds of years of experience with disaster-response scenarios of every sort, this country isn't ready for a damned thing. Then I thought I'd reached my limit for horror, and then tonight I saw the pictures of the dogs left behind by evacuated or otherwise departed owners. Or rather, I saw two pictures and then had to stop.

Argh. On a lighter note, I won three books from today - Positively Fifth Street, Middlesex, and I Sailed with Magellan. And just before my birthday, too! Thanks, Chicagoist!

Was sick with a nasty cold over Labor Day weekend, horrible sinus pressure and general misery abounding. I feel better now and am having my standard post-illness surge of energy and motivation, which won't last long enough to accomplish anything useful, I'm sure.


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