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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Post-birthday wrap-up
I think it's fair that a birthday lasts as long as the cake lasts. If I leave a few scraps in the pan, I can drag this thing on indefinitely!

Got tons of books, and nifty bookends so I can keep my textbooks from collapsing and crushing me at my desk (and a fun story about Mark pleading with a Pier 1 employee after closing time to PLEASE let him in, he knows EXACTLY what he wants, he won't be a minute, wife's birthday, blah blah blah... apparently he was successful :)). We went to dinner at Wholly Frijoles, a really excellent Mexican restaurant tucked into a tiny strip mall. There was a line to get in all evening, on a Wednesday in Lincolnwood. Crazy. We felt a little bad for the Chinese place two doors down, empty and lonely, their food untasted. We thought they should sell egg rolls to people waiting for a table at the other place.

I went through my Amazon wishlist to delete the things I'd received. There are still 101 things left, a few of which are CDs but most of which are books. I experienced a moment of unhappy panic when I realized I'm already 34 and I still have so much left to read. There's a saying about hoping that the very last check you write bounces. My version is I hope I can end the race with my Amazon wishlist empty.


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