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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
MY birthday! MINE!
I like my birthday. I don't even mind that I get few cards or gifts anymore. I am a grown-up with a job - I no longer have to regard birthdays and Christmas as a major source of income :) The gifts and birthday wishes I do get, and my cake and dinner out, make me very happy. Besides, expecting every person I've ever met to remember my birthday implies an obligation to also remember *their* birthdays, and, well, I'm not that organized anymore. On my birthday, I know all day that it's *my* day and not yours or anyone else's and I end up just randomly grinning to myself whenever I think about it. Me me me!! Tomorrow, I'll go back to being not very special (and older, too -- *sob*) but today, it's all about Bintie :)


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