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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Don't mess with...
Got home today from the Botany conference in Austin, where it was *freakin'* hot. Rumors of dry heat are grossly exaggerated; my glasses kept fogging up when I went outside. To compensate, every building in the city has its a/c cranked up too high. I was very cold in the dorm (where the thermostat was apparently a placebo) and had goosebumps during most sessions of the conference. Although, the latter may just have been a ploy to get us to buy long-sleeved commemorative t-shirts.

I kept expecting to see hot blonde women in sundresses, crusty men in cowboy hats, and other indicators of life in sunny Texas. Instead, the people could have been sampled from any city in the U.S., and Chicago women are way hotter. I did see a 30-ish man wearing canary yellow pants, but I'm not sure such a fashion "statement" is appropriate in any climate.

I was happy to be reunited with Schlotzsky's after a long separation. Austin pizza is crap. Never had a chance for tex-mex or barbecue - the thought of partaking of local flavors all by myself made me feel lonely and gloomy so I stuck to impersonal chains and granola bars.

Trip report and pictures later.


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