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Saturday, July 02, 2005
A star is born
Not that I'll necessarily ever see this movie, but "The Break Up" has been filming in town, including at Wrigley. I was at Wrigley on June 30, and although I never saw a film crew, maybe they caught the bleachers in a pan shot? Anyway, IF I ever see it, I must watch for myself in the front row of the right field bleachers! I was wearing a white tank top, light blue Cubs hat, and a sunburn. :P

Incidentally, it was my first time in the bleachers (Thanks Greg!). I found it more congenial than I expected, largely thanks to the security guards who don't put up with *anything*. If there were such attentive guards in the stands, we wouldn't have problems with clueless people standing while talking on the phone and waving, or with mean-spirited drunks like at the Red Sox game.


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