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Friday, July 22, 2005
Random updates
1) It is FREAKIN' hot out. I was out this morning, thinking "This isn't so bad, in a damp and balmy New Orleans sort of way." Then I went out around 3:00 with the noble intent of doing some gardening. Ten minutes later, I'd deadheaded three mums and decided the others could just be leggy this year, watered the planters, apologized to the hungry birds, and dragged my dripping wet self back in the house. The weekend it's just supposed to get worse, too. Have I mentioned lately that air conditioning is the greatest invention of all time? Even better than the internet and vanilla lattes. This drought sucks, the crops look awful, my garden makes me sad, and our cherry tree has presumably died. On the plus side, we have a fine green crop of chickweed and shepherd's purse. Chickweed actually makes pretty good lawn material. Shepherd's purse, not so much, though it does have nifty fruits.

2) This! And other things in that gallery also.

3) Have now collected sporadically from four sites, with permits for several others. Have to return to Alma and other places later in the season if I want Epifagus, which is unfortunate because I think it could make an interesting side project. I'm quickly discovering that when I apply for grants, I'll mostly be asking for gas money. Sigh.

4) Still don't know why Blogger is making my alignment all wonky. Annoying.

5) 6th Harry Potter book came out over the weekend. Have thus far resisted the urge to shell out for the hardcover, since it won't match our set of paperbacks and that would be silly. You know what else is silly? Waiting over a year to read it! Must find someone to borrow from.


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