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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Not an ex-parrot
So I look out the window and what do I see in my hanging pot, tugging at the empty thistle sock? Some sort of bluish-gray parrot! I watched it for a while; it seemed very cheery, although most birds do, because, really why wouldn't they be cheery, what with the flying and the hanging out on flowers and tweeting and all. It was digging in the soil, looking for what I'm not sure, and when I crept outside with the camera, it actually started making noises and coming towards me. I went back in for crackers (cliche, yes, but was all I could find) and tried to lure it closer. It seemed to like when I said "Birdie birdie birdie!" but finally decided I'd come close enough and flew into the neighbor's yard, where it made a ruckus and caused many annoyed sparrows to fly out of the shrubs. I went back out a few minutes later, refilled the feeders, and sure enough he came back, spending a good half hour eating sunflower seeds and attempting to make friends with the mourning doves, who were having none of it.

It took me a while to figure out what he is, but now I know he's a lovebird. I couldn't find a picture that looks exactly like him, but I think he's a whitefaced violet. He eventually flew away and I really hope he finds his way home again. If I see him again I may try to catch him, but I don't think it'll be easy. He was quite the little personality and I find myself wishing he was mine, which is TERRIBLE I know, both because he belongs to someone and because I can't bear to put animals in cages, but still, it's hard to resist tweety voices and curious black eyes.


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