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Saturday, June 04, 2005
My Friday:
1) Free donut at Krispy Kreme!

2) Paid a visit to the brand new Barnes and Noble in the Loop. Am SO happy it's there, just a block from the Blue Line, chock full of some of my favorite things: books and coffee. (I don't think they have gelato like the swanky B&N in Deer Park has. Stupid suburbanites have all the luck.) Even on a Friday afternoon, it wasn't nearly as crowded and annoyingly full of disdainful art students as the Border's on State usually is. I noted how the inventory is geared towards a Chicago and downtown "need the latest popular book before I get on the train" audience. I also browsed the garden books for a while, finding a nice one with urban designs that I have neither the funds nor the energy to duplicate. I counted on the garden shelves no less than TWELVE different books on how to grow marijuana. Hmm, there must be a college nearby...

3) Saw an elderly black man walking down Jackson carrying a long orange balloon of the type used for balloon animals. Only it hadn't been animaled. I like to think that he will encounter someone else carrying a different color of long thin balloon, and they'll joust.


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