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Thursday, June 02, 2005
I am an html goddess
So today I was fixing some broken links and such on the CUPPA-AAaaaAAAaaAAa website and suddenly all the pics on one of the holiday party pages just vanished. Poof! I stared and stared at the html source, and at the remote file list, and it all *seemed* right, and yet... no pictures. Then a thought occurred to me and I wandered the menus until confirming that, yes, my mouse buttons had gotten away from me and I was now blocking all images from that server. DUH!

Today = stupid and boring. Visited Wrigley on the way to work to pick up our Red Sox tickets. It's amazing how empty Wrigleyville is on non-game days. I only see it on game days or weekend party nights, when it is awash in a sea of 20-something drunk humanity. This morning, it was downright bucolic.

I finished reading An Instance of the Fingerpost this morning. It took rather a long time, being probably the longest book I've tackled in quite a while. It's definitely a book that would benefit from a second reading. It's divided into four retellings of essentially the same story, but each teller has a very different perspective on events. The first was lying through his teeth (as we find out in the third story), the second was lapsing into insanity (as we find out in the fourth story), the third saw political conspiracies lurking behind every tree, all of which were unfounded, and only the fourth was objective enough to reveal the actual truth. One of the truths revealed made me gasp a little, although I'd guessed it a page earlier. The other, the actual Big Thing going on that ties everything together, was like, "eh, whatever." I suppose anti-Catholic sentiment was a bigger deal in 17th century England than it is in my 21st century American mind.

Have houseguests from Belgium for a couple of days. They are seeing the sights and wearing out the soles of their shoes today. They brought us chocolate, and an issue of Tintin. I read the first couple of pages and it's very offbeat and cute!


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