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Friday, June 10, 2005
Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
So I was walking to the Halsted Blue Line stop yesterday, and as usual I looked down towards the platform to see if I would need to run or not. I saw two men of sturdy build with buzzcuts and sunglasses, both casually dressed, one of whom was wearing a Cubs jersey. This is not an unusual sight, except I knew that it was an off day and it was way too hot to be wearing a jersey "just because", and they just looked out of place, too casual for a Thursday afternoon. I said to myself, "Those guys look like cops." I headed down to the platform just in time to see the guy not wearing the jersey fetching his badge from under his t-shirt (and casually flashing his gun for all to see). I watched long enough to verify for myself that they were in fact cops and not thugs, and then I kept my distance but strained to hear their animated conversation with a young black man. The conversation went on at great length until finally I decided there was no danger and walked past them to My Spot on the platform. As I walked by, I heard one of the cops say to the young man in a despairing tone:

"You're gonna be on fucking drugs forever! For-EVER, man!"


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