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Friday, May 06, 2005
Hollywood, IL
UIC is not usually what I would consider a photogenic campus. Somebody must think so, though, because the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" is being filmed on campus this month. I stopped on my way to the lab a few days ago and watched Dustin Hoffman (short!!) and Will Ferrell do a short scene of walking and talking over... and over... and OVER until I got bored and left. I'm sure that the moment I left, they moved on to filming the big chase scene with the explosions and such. Anyway, it was fun to watch, especially when the extras weren't positioned right and all ran into each other. They filmed at the UH coffeeshop earlier this week, and today were doing some indoor classroom stuff. However, I guess the gorgeous sunny day wasn't what they had in mind... so they brought in The Rainmaker. The Rainmaker is a company with a tanker truck full of water, and some hoses. Is there really enough demand for portable rainstorms that the company is profitable? In any case, here is what artificial rain looks like:

And just to be artsy, here is a shot of University Hall. Pictures of buildings that are wider at the top than the bottom really mess with the eyes. The perspective seems messed up, but really isn't.


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