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Friday, March 18, 2005
Oh, Rosie
I *finally* saw the UIC peregrines today! I stopped and watched them for about five minutes, only attracting one "What are you looking at?" query (and probably several strange looks). They were up on the tower of CCC, first flying around and around and then landing, one on the roof and one on a balcony. I suspect the balcony one, which had the classic black and white coloring, was Rosie, and the other, a lighter-colored bird, was... well, it was either Joshua, or "the other man". Word on the street is that Joshua was shot in December and was released from rehab just this week, but in the meantime another male moved in. Not sure which one I saw. The male was noisy, the call an ascending screech that came in slow pairs, while Rosie kept quiet and bustled around doing whatever it is peregrines do.


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