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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
More urban nature adventures
This morning when I left the house, I could hear a really pissed off blue jay somewhere in the neighborhood. I eventually walked by his tree, in front of the brick Italianate house (where I saw the sharp-shinned hawk last year). Looking up, I didn't see any blue jays, but I did see a hawk calmly perched on a lower branch of a sparse conifer. He watched me, I watched him, and the blue jay screeched at everyone. I sidled around, trying to see his markings - he had a buffy breast with no markings that I remember, and maybe a tannish back. He was between me and the sky so seeing his tail was tough, but I *think* it was barred. He was bigger than a crow, with a stocky body and red eyes. Finally, the blue jay started hopping down from the top of the tree to scold us, and the hawk (?) got bored and flew into a different tree. Did I get any thanks from the blue jay? Of course not. I've had no luck identifying the bird yet. I don't think it was another sharp-shinned - they have pretty distinctive barring on the breast.


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