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Monday, February 14, 2005
Your kids may be fascinating but you are not
I was trapped in the middle of a very loud and boring conversation on the El this morning between two people agonizing over finding the right schools for their various kids (at least one of whom was named Taylor, of course). Male Loud Parent (who sighed impatiently when passengers dared to stand between him and his friend across the aisle) apparently has interviewed teachers at and applied to every single school in the Chicago area and all of them are so deeply flawed that he fears for his children's future. One of the daughters is *three*, for goodness sake! I remember my preschool. They had monkeybars and puppets and snacks, and we all turned out reasonably well as far as I know.

But the real kicker was when Male Loud Parent was expressing how thrilled he was that his older daughter is being exposed to such DIVERSITY! so many DIFFERENT points of view! Diversity is so important in this day and age, you know! Her mother and I want her to be exposed to as many cultures as possible! And what, you may ask, does this diversity consist of? Her class has one Asian girl, and a half-Asian half-Hispanic girl. One and a half Asians! You can practically feel her mind broadening.

This on top of the yuppie parents feeding white wine to their toddler at the restaurant last night. I'm feeling generally disapproving of parents in general today.


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