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Monday, February 14, 2005
VD weekend, part 2
Went to Evanston to see the movie "Sideways", and had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's, capped off with some sort of evil chocolate cake with chocolate gelato on the side... mmmmmmmm. Have eaten a LOT of chocolate the last few days, and our game plan for tonight is making a cake. Plus, one of my labmates is treating us to some yummy treats from Artopolis today. All pretense of health has gone out the window.

We parked the truck in the Maple St. garage before the movie, but somehow managed to find a staircase that led nowhere, and we ended up behind the structure in an eerily abandoned loading zone. We figured we could just walk around the building, but ended up faced with a wrought-iron fence. So, with little hesitation, we squeezed around the end of the fence and the ineffectual metal strips meant to keep folks from doing just that, and, slightly damp from the wet metal, made our movie just as the previews began. Take that, Evanston! You can't keep us city folks in your sorry little cages!


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