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Saturday, February 12, 2005
VD weekend, part 1
1) An ad for FTD on the radio. I was only half-listening and misheard it as "STD", which triggered an amusing series of jokes about the thoughtfulness of having an STD delivered to your sweetie for Valentine's Day.

2) Walked to the cute little coffeeshop near our house for coffee this morning. Hubby risked a carrot cake muffin, assured by the very friendly counter guy that there were no nuts in it. He nibbled a tiny bit, and a tiny bit more, and thought he felt a reaction so we had to rush home. Coffee guy was dismayed and apologetic. At home, reaction had stopped, and hubby thought maybe it was a false alarm, so he dissected the muffin, and sure enough, a big honkin' walnut was lurking inside. We'll go back to the coffeeshop soon, though, to reassure the guy that we don't blame him.

3) Went to lunch at Applebee's, only because we had a gift card. Their service is traditionally sucky and today was no exception. Also, my "medium" burger had apparently been dropped directly into the fire. But hey, free lunch is free lunch.

4) Attempted to go to the Chocolate Festival at the Garfield Park Conservatory. The line was way out the door, there were school buses and cars everywhere and no parking in sight... utter chaos. So, we skipped it and hubby whisked me away to Ghirardelli's on Superior for hot fudge brownie sundaes instead. Happy Bintie! It is a lovely day, spring is in the air, and our travels took us all over the city, where we saw some of the most depressed (with CPD cameras mounted on poles), trendy, and shockingly wealthy neighborhoods sometimes just blocks apart. Also saw a stretch of the Boulevard system that I'd never seen before - Franklin Blvd on the West Side - that is just *crying* for development. We also got to experience the thrill of driving under the El on Lake; the supports are *just* far enough apart to allow two lanes of traffic, and there is no room for error!


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