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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
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At home today, waiting for the guy to come and install our new garage door opener. We've had so much trouble with that opener (and it's not that old - we installed it about 8 years ago, but apparently we bought the very last one in existence because trying to find a replacement clicker was nearly impossible) and with the door itself. We had the rollers and springs replaced a while back after one of the springs snapped in frightening fashion (we attempted to fix it - not sure what we were thinking) but the opener remains finicky. Hopefully after today, all of our problems will be solved, and not just in the garage. A new opener will be the key to overall happiness and things no longer breaking down.

Also: Ryne Sandberg was elected to the HOF yesterday. !!!!! He's my favorite player ever. Every baseball fan has a player they sort of grew up with, and he was mine, playing from 1982 to 1997 with a temporary retirement near the end (and I remember exactly where I was when he announced his first retirement - the lunchroom at the Mt. Prospect village hall), covering much of my childhood and young adulthood. Besides just being an excellent player, he seemed shy and kind, an appealing sort of person that anyone would enjoy being friends with. So, congratulations, Ryno; you deserve all the rewards that baseball can give you, and I'm sorry that you never got a trip to the WS but maybe this will make up for it.

Incidentally, I wonder if my signed baseball has gone up in value in the last 24 hours? ;)

Okay, Ron Santo, you're next. Fingers crossed.


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