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Friday, December 31, 2004
Don't be Jack
New CTA signs!

Had another crazy dream last night. I can only remember the end of it, in which I was in a coffee shop with my mom and feeling very uneasy and frightened about whatever had been happening earlier in the dream. My mom was humoring me but it was clear she thought I was overreacting. I went up to the counter and sat next to Kendra, a friend from college, and started showing her the coins in my pocket. Each was about the size and color of regular U.S. coins, but the designs were entirely different: one was some sort of Nazi coin, another was intricately carved like some sort of boar or warthog, and others seemed to represent various times and places in history. Kendra was not sure why I was showing them to her. I waved a nickel at her and tried to make her see that it wasn't a regular nickel, but she just shrugged. "Don't you remember this?" I said, sketching an abstract Monticello on a napkin. She didn't know what I was talking about. So, I returned to my mom's table, feeling more and more sure that I was in some crazy universe where alternate historical timelines had actually come true. I tried to get my mom to pay attention to the warthog coin, and she finally said, "Look, Diane, are you sure you aren't crazy?" I thought about that for a moment, decided that insanity was preferable to the terrifying parallel universe thing, and gave in to it with a feeling of great relief. Then I woke up.


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