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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Bang a gong
So, I had a dream last night that a Tyrannosaurus Rex blackmailed me into letting him live in my house. It wasn't really my house, though, it was my high school biology teacher's house. It's surprisingly easy to hide a T. rex in a house, and Mr. Gray was suspicious but didn't ask nosy questions. He was none too pleased by the dollops of orange dinosaur poop on his furniture, but I quickly agreed to clean it up. Finally, though, I realized that the strain of keeping this secret was worse than the blackmail material being revealed, and I vowed to come clean. Just in time, too, because when I came home I found massive claw marks in all the woodwork and I think that would have been hard to cover up.

In more reality-based news, today I did my very first PCR. I got a band! Woo! And I'm slowly setting up my lab bench. I have brightly colored boxes and tape and sharpies and little plastic bits of things to play with. Eat your heart out, Office Depot!


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