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Friday, October 01, 2004
There *is* crying in baseball...
...for the second straight year. At least last year, we made it to the playoffs. This year, we should have, but the Cubs sort of fell apart in the last week, losing embarrassing heartbreakers to the Mets and Reds, of all people, while the Giants and the Rednecks, er, Astros, ran roughshod over their opponents. As of right now, with two games to go, we're 2 back from Houston and 1.5 back from SF, and the Giants will likely pull even with the Astros before the night is out.

A miracle could occur, but I don't really expect it. The Cubs have given up. Their attitudes are terrible, they blame the umps and the broadcasters and everyone but themselves, and they don't seem to like their jobs anymore. Even though it's technically a better team this year, they lack the cohesiveness of last year.

They're still my Cubbies though. Through thick and thin, right? It's just so hard sometimes. :(


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