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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
And, in lunch news...
Today's lunch: a free donut (chocolate!) and a bag of cheddar Ruffles. And not the not-entirely-unhealthy baked ones, ho no! but the classic greasy-fingerprints-on-the-laptop type. Yum. That should get the burning desire for salt out of my system for a while. Tonight: spaghetti with Italian sausage, and the first apple crisp of the season. I am SO domestic.

Jealous as all get-out today - one of my classmates has a dissertation project idea worked out. Meanwhile, I drift aimlessly through piles of publications and wish I knew what I was doing.

Libby went in for a dental on Monday. Last night, we were afraid she'd developed an infection because her cheeks and eyes were puffy and she wasn't at all "bright". I was going to call the vet first thing this morning, but when I got up she looked great, bouncy and waggy and such, and the swelling was gone. It's so hard when one of the dogs is sick. At least when someone's bleeding, I can fix that. When they're sick, I just watch helplessly and wonder how I'll know when they've crossed into emergency territory.


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