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Thursday, September 02, 2004
Having a going-away party long after you've actually gone away is *totally* the way to do it. I met up with the gang from IGPA at Jak's after our lab meeting today, and I got presents (yay!) and people said nice things about me. I swear I only got weepy once, although I did save the cards to read at home because I'm not crazy. They gave me an autographed Ryno baseball, which is VERY cool and has supplanted the Cubbie bears on the cabinet in the dining room. I've never had an autographed anything before! Dave gave me paper on which to write my dissertation, on the condition that when I need more, I have to let him read what I've written so far. Also, chocolate! Therese gave me movie tickets. I was really touched by the effort everyone went to for me; I think I sometimes failed to notice that they were more than my colleagues, they are my friends. It was a bittersweet occasion, but I think it also provided some nice closure and our working relationship ended on a positive note. Plus, I am sure I'll occasionally return for lunch. I love my labmates but the girls just eat too darned healthy!


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