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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Birthday Bintie!
Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. Oy. I spent much of it being bored on campus, because there was a power outage on the east side and yet we were told that seminar at 4:00 would not be cancelled. Turned out it *was* in fact cancelled, and if I hadn't been so cruelly misled by a professor who shall remain nameless, I could have gone home at noon instead of sitting boredly in the library and reading bits of books I intended to check out anyway. Or, you know, I could have gone shopping for a birthday present for myself. Anyway. We ran around packing the delicate stuff from the freezers into the deep freeze with dry ice, had class in SES (which still had power), and had lunch at Quiznos.

At least the evening was fun; we went to the Cubs-Pirates game (Clement vs. Fogg; why do we ALWAYS end up with Clement??), and after a frustrating lack of offense, Corey hit a pop-up that somehow caught a breeze and sailed into the basket to tie the game late. The crowd was totally pumped after that, but the offense still couldn't get the job done, and finally Corey gets back up to the plate and takes care of it himself with a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 12th. Woo! I love when grown men act like little boys and gather into a big jumping celebratory knot at home plate. Some blonde chickie grabbed Corey immediately afterwards and hauled him off for an interview, but before the interview was over someone came from the dugout and doused his head in shaving cream. Boys will be boys :)

Today, we play hooky. I won't go to the lab unless I find that I don't have what I need to finish my homework for tomorrow.


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