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Sunday, August 29, 2004
What?? What??
Metallica is LOUD. Not as ear-bleedingly loud as I was expecting, but nearly 24 hours later I still notice a bit of a high-pitched whine in my right ear when my surroundings are quiet. The show rocked, and they played a lot of stuff not on their usual setlist because it was the second Chicago show and they were mixing things up a bit. This was great for Mark and other hardcore fans, but I admit it was a little worse for me because I tend to like the stuff the hardcores scoff at. But hey, was still fun! JH is all touchy-feely nowadays, like touring is an exercise in stadium-sized group therapy. Lars had this grungy recluse beard, and I continue to be impressed by Kirk's hair. Godsmack opened and I thought they were really good, especially the drum solos in which they had two drum sets going, with bongos and jungly rhythms. However, their songs mostly sound alike - they either need to branch out, or just stop. And the guys were afraid that because it was indoors, we wouldn't get the topless women like we did at Summer Sanitarium last year...but not to worry. There were so many topless women that it got boring after a while.

Jazzy gave us a scare this morning. His right rear leg sort of gave out on him, and he couldn't get down the stairs or really put any weight on it at all. It faded over a couple of hours, but I'm giving him children's aspirin and making a vet appointment for him. Fingers crossed that it's just a soft-tissue ailment and not something far worse. He's otherwise so healthy and happy, my darling little beany boy.


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