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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Science fun
I've always been paranoid about shoes on hot sidewalks. You know how hot a sidewalk can get; even my dogs can attest to that, when I cruelly force them to be outside for more than five minutes and they slowly lift one poor toasted foot and then another in an attempt to somehow levitate above the hot patio. (Obscure concepts like "shade" and "cool grass" mean nothing to them.) It doesn't seem like such a stretch to think that the soles of my tennies would melt if I stood in one spot too long on a day like today. I also have some misgivings about car tires, although I know that they are vulcanized to prevent just such an occurrence. Are shoe soles vulcanized? What is the melting point of a Ked?

The steamy walk to Jimmy John's was totally worth it. This Sprite/lemonade mix is just what I needed! Much better than my cherry Icee from White Hen yesterday, which would not stop expanding and caused me a frantic minute or two of slurping at the neverending column of Icee rising through the hole in the lid.


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