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Thursday, July 01, 2004
If I'm sleepy, it must be Thursday
The rocket scientist neighbors are really starting to piss me off. They seem to have begun a new tradition: standing outside and shouting, slamming car doors, and flirting loudly with blonde chickies. All at 2 a.m. on Thursday mornings! What fun! Did I mention they're doing this right outside our bedroom windows? Did I mention that it's summer and said windows are OPEN? Now, granted, their noise level, the frisbees going up onto people's porches, and the sudden increase in traffic and decrease in parking are not that big a deal. (The guy throwing his girlfriend through a window, and ensuing arrests and ambulances...that was different.) But, in this little triangular enclave of the city, it's as jarring as an airport runway. Have these morons noticed yet that they are the only ones making noise in a two-block radius? Have they noticed that nobody else plays football across their neighbors' front yards? I feel like we're being taken advantage of. I also feel about 70 years old, bitching about kids these days and remembering the days when this was a nice neighborhood before these damn hoodlums came along... Argh.

Upshot is: expect to sleep badly every Wednesday night. When I have classes on Thursday mornings, this is not going to be fun.

My inability to wake up when my alarm went off led to some bizarre dreams including one where I was at an amusement park and getting ready to ride a new ride called "Car-freshment!". It was a roller coaster in which each car was an actual car, an old beater suspended from the track by its roof. On the very last loop, the track went close to a pool of water and the car was dragged through, dousing the driver in a refreshing splash of water and questionable physics. You had the option of keeping the windows rolled up or down. However, before riding, you had to rent shoes. The shoe styles were entirely random. I put on the first pair I saw because I couldn't wait to go on the ride, but the highly-trained shoe fitters made me take them off because they were too small for me, and I guess ill-fitting shoes make riding in a beater hanging from a roller coaster track very dangerous.


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