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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Hump day
Had a hard time waking up this morning, b/c was having a very important dream about taco salads and Keith Richards, and I needed to know how it was going to come out.

Seen on a camouflage t-shirt the other day when headed home from the Cubs-Sox game: "Ha! Now you can't see me!"

I started the Great Wedding Album Project last night. I ordered a box full of scrapbooking supplies, including nifty blue paper, silvery photo corners, and kitschy wedding-style stick-ons (hearts and flowers and champagne glasses). I can totally see how this could be a dangerous (read: expensive) hobby. My difficulties so far are that I have way too many pictures, and I feel compelled to use them ALL; and my handwriting is dreadful and not artsy in the slightest, so I'm not sure how to label the pictures or put titles on pages. I have a fantasy of getting a calligraphy pen and embellishing the pages with my gothic copperplate script. In reality, my pennings would look more like the stuff I scribble on the shopping list, with a roughly one in three chance of misspelling. (I'm a good speller, but my hand doesn't always accurately reproduce the letters my brain is thinking, and in the right order.) The new Target by my house (with the green roof and the fun escalator that shopping carts get to ride) has a scrapbooking section, so perhaps I'll go stare at the products and see if I can in fact buy words or letters.

The goal is to finish the album before our 10th anniversary. I'm so ashamed that for the last several years, our wedding album, the repository of our most precious memories*, has consisted of a stack of photos in a Walgreens envelope. Special thanks to my darling grandma, who made a new album cover for us. I can't wait to show her the finished product.

*I barely remember my wedding day. I remember bits and pieces, but as a whole, it's pretty swiss-cheesy. I don't really enjoy weddings much in general, and it being my own was especially difficult. Being the center of attention, trying not to do klutzy things while all eyes were on me, having to *dance* in public, all the while trying to keep my dress from falling down and my eyes from tearing up... I'll tell you, there's a lot of incentive for not getting married more than once in life. Besides the fact that I love my husband like crazy, of course.


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