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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Freakin' hot
It's weeks like this when you might as well be at work because nobody in their right mind would want to go outside. The current heat index, at 11:00 am, is 98.6 F, which makes me wonder how we can tolerate living in our own bodies because that's a pretty miserable temperature. And, oh look, lunchtime is coming up and I'll get to experience it myself. I think a cold sandwich is out of the question, unless I can request it be packed in dry ice for the walk back. Today is definitely not a good day to go get my student ID, because of course I'll have no hair by the time I get to SSB.

After today, I have TWO, count them, TWO weeks left! I'm pretty frantic, and really shouldn't be wasting time writing this post because I have a pile of articles on knowledge creation to summarize for the boss-man. However, I wanted to post this.

One week until we leave for Colorado. I'd like to say it'll be nice and cool there, but I've been watching the weather and it is in fact not. However, between 14,000-foot Pikes Peak, icy cold Arkansas River rafting, and the hotel pool, I think I'll manage. Which reminds me, I was going to go swimsuit shopping! It's good to have two suits when traveling, of course, because there's nothing worse than putting on a damp suit. Hopefully I can find something other than the teeny two-piecers that I've never been able to wear to good effect, even back when I was frighteningly thin. I need something that draws the eye upward, way way upward, preferably off my body entirely. A cloaking device would be nice.


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