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Monday, June 28, 2004
Weekend Update
1. Cubs-Sox game at Comiskey/Soxpark/The Cell
The series started well with the Cubs taking Game 1, but then two games of fairly sloppy baseball (on both sides) led to two Sox wins and the Cubs are now in second but 5 games back from the unstoppable Cardinals. Home runs galore, but the Sox managed to have more men on each time, and Cub errors abounded. We attended Game 2 on Saturday, sitting right next to the Sox bullpen down the LF line. The whole section was Cub fans, *except* the drunken loudmouths behind us. The vitriol was flying in the stands, including fun homophobic comments. We had a good time, but we pretty much decided that in the future, we're not going to try so hard to get to a Cubs-Sox game, at either park. Being surrounded by blind hatred makes it hard to enjoy the game. If I were trained in sociology, I might make some statements on the willingness of people to hate so violently and purposelessly, if not based on religion or race or politics, then based on something silly like baseball. Soxpark as a proxy for Jerusalem.

2. Dogsitting
The four greyhounds of the apocalypse!

So, here's a weird story: The dogs have been very good all weekend, sleeping through the night and only eating one thing off the coffee table (that we know of), a plastic floss dispenser. So, last night sometime after 1 a.m., all four dogs were whining and up and walking around the house with their clicky toenails. I tried to ignore them, but no such luck, and a while later I let them all outside so they could reset and go back to sleep. I of course had to go outside to retrieve Miss Belle, who likes to go on extended sojourns to the far corners of the yard. Upon returning to the house, the dogs went more or less right to bed. And this morning, I get up and find out that there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake in Illinois that was felt in Chicago. I guess I can forgive the dogs for being a little loopy :)


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