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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Two ways to enjoy a baseball game
1) Watch the game intently. Drink water or pop, eat peanuts and hot dogs. Keep a scorecard.
2) Drink beer and yell.

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been a Cubs fan my whole life, and a big fan of beer my whole adult life, and yet had never done method #2 until last night. Some of us from work went, sat in the very back row of 202 (a surprisingly good section), and drank beer and had a silly, fun night. Cubs lost to the Cards, but the pitcher Glendon Rusch hit a home run after I commanded him to (seriously!). I tried it on other players but I guess it only works once. The main thing that keeps me from drinking at the ballpark - the restrooms - turned out to be a bit third-worldish but not nearly as bad as I expected. There wasn't even a line.

For next time, though, a note to myself: EAT DINNER.

Went to the Printers Row Book Fair on Sunday, and came home with a backpack full of Connelly and other mysteries, and signed copies of Doug Cummings' Deader By the Lake and Laura Lippman's Every Secret Thing. Ms. Lippman writes a mystery series set in Baltimore, and her main character has a greyhound named Esskay (a reference East Coasters get but us Midwesterners have to look up). Esskay is singlemindedly devoted to finding soft places to lie down, much like other greyhounds I know (insert pointed look at Jazzy here). Anyway, Ms. Lippman is a very interesting person and I very much enjoyed her talk. She told me, though, that her own greyhound died some years ago, which made me (and her, too, I think) sad.

I visited my usual spot on Polk for $1 paperbacks, and was hit on by the vendor, who seemed generally sad that all the women are already taken and there's no one left for him. I was cornered at another booth by a weird guy who wanted me to buy his overpriced graphic novels. I paged through one to be polite. Now, I'm no expert on graphic novels, but I know bad artwork when I see it. Oy.

There was a postcard vendor there, and I found this 1907 photo of the Tinker Swiss Cottage in Rockford that I keep thinking about and should have just bought. It was a neat picture, with the elaborate cottage up on the riverbank and a cow down on the muddy flats. Maybe next year I'll look for it again.


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