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Monday, June 21, 2004
This weblog is a tour de force!
Not feeling so great today, and it's rainy and possibly chilly out (haven't ventured outside so hard to say for sure), so I spent the day puttering, watching Chicago, and cataloging more books. Re: Chicago, the way they mixed the stage parts with the real-life parts is really inspired. The song-and-dance bits are mostly in Roxie's head, because she's so determined to become a star that she imagines every occurrence as being a scene she's performing in. The marionette scene is brilliant, and I just love the Cell Block Tango ("He ran into my knife! He ran into my knife ten times!"). Should add that to the Angry Women playlist.

And re: cataloging books, I'm up to about 500 now, and I cannot begin to count the number of bookjacket reviews that announce that the book is a "tour de force!" The hell does that mean, anyway?


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