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Friday, June 11, 2004
We've been to two free movies this week: Chronicles of Riddick, and The Terminal. The first one was... interesting. Vin Diesel has no discernable personality whatsoever, and while I'm usually a sucker for deep voices, his just goes too far. The second movie, even though I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan, was very good. The supporting characters were great, especially Gupta, the funny little Indian janitor who takes gleeful delight in mopping the floors and then waiting for folks to slip on them. Tom does *not* end up with the girl, and I'm glad because that really would have been way too Hollywood an ending. The whole jazz theme sort of comes out of left field but was very sweet in any case. Anyway, thumbs up from the Bintgoddess.

And, before we went to all these free movies, we of course had to eat... which led us to sample the original Nookie's on Wells, and Adobo Grill. Both were wonderful, as different as night and day. Nookie's is the classic neighborhood diner where cops eat and everyone knows everyone else. Adobo Grill was fabulous Mexican food and extremely attentive and friendly staff. More thumbs up for both! I'm running out of thumbs here.

Blues Fest this weekend. Also, much rain. Will I make it downtown? Who knows?


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